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A. General

Refund Policy

Refund requests for bet funds must be made within 5 business days. Refunds will be processed within 24 hours.

A.2 By visiting our website, you are deemed to have accepted the following items by becoming a member or using:

• General Rules and Conditions on this page

• Betting Rules

• Account Rules

• Rules and conditions for any type of promotions, bonuses, and special campaigns found on the site, which may be periodically updated.

A.3 All the rules and conditions listed above are referred to as "Rules." If you have not received a bonus in any Betsalvador platform, you cannot participate in Football Studio/Sic-Bo/Mega Ball/Zeppelin/Roketon and Crazy Coin Flip games; these games are only played with bonuses. In Lightning Roulette, when more than 12 numbers are bet on, the bet is considered invalid and your balance is adjusted.

A.4 Please carefully read and understand the rules before accepting them. If there is any clause in our rules that you do not agree with, please do not continue using our website by opening a member account. Your continued use of our website will constitute your acceptance of the rules.

A.5 To become a member of our website, you must be at least '18' years old. In addition to these conditions, you must open a membership with real information while registering on our site. Accounts for which confirmation cannot be made may be requested to provide identification documents. The accounts of users who do not send documents for confirmation within 24 hours are temporarily suspended. The accounts of our users whose documents are not sent for confirmation within 7 days are blocked by refunding the last deposit. Betsalvador reserves the right to eliminate any situation that may create a risk in a fair environment with fake or counterfeit accounts or participation in games.

A.7 This agreement constitutes the "Terms and Conditions" of the contract made between any player registering with Betsalvador company. By registering with the company, each player accepts the "Company General Legal Specification" and is bound by it throughout the existence of the relationship.

A.8 These "Terms and Conditions - Rules" are categorized for reference and ease of understanding.

A.9 Betsalvador reserves the right to change the articles of this "General Company Specification" at any time without prior notice. We state that we will try to inform our users in advance of any significant changes in the "General Company Specification," but it is the responsibility of the player to regularly check the "Company Specification" for any changes. If a member does not want to continue using Betsalvador services due to possible changes, they retain the right to close their account and withdraw the available amount in their account without penalty by sending an email to [email protected] customer service.

A.10 "General Terms and Conditions" include Special Terms and Conditions and Rules for Sports Betting, Casino, and Poker.

A.11 Betsalvador will respect your privacy in accordance with its privacy policy.

• Betsalvador respects customer privacy in accordance with the company's privacy policy. We would like to note that your personal information may be shared with third parties or institutions under the conditions specified below:

• It is necessary for the implementation of your requests;

• It is the legal obligation or duty of the company;

• Information is exchanged with other companies and organizations for the prevention of fraud, reduction of credit risk, and verification of information. Your personal information may be shared with credit reference agencies for the purpose of verifying your information.

A.12 The contract relationship between Betsalvador and registered players and the "Terms and Conditions" of this contract are controlled by the legal authorities of Curaçao.

A.13 This document is published in multiple languages for ease of access and information to players. While reflecting the same principles in all languages, only the English version of this document is legally accepted between you and Betsalvador. In case of any discrepancies between the English and translated versions of this document, the English version shall prevail. Bonus terms and schemes may vary depending on language and market.

A.14 Betsalvador is not responsible for circumstances resulting from major events such as strikes in telecommunication networks, terrorist activities, political crises, war, natural disasters, and saturation, which prevent full or partial access to its services.

B. Account Rules

B.1 Any player applying for an account must register personally and be of legal age (18 years or the legal age of majority in the relevant country). The account of an underage account holder will be permanently closed from the point it is detected, and all funds deposited into the account will be referred to the "Curaçao Gaming Control Board" in accordance with remote gaming regulations.

B.2 Registered players always agree to comply with the "General Terms and Conditions" and do not act in the interests of any third party. They do not unlawfully obtain money. They do not transfer money to their accounts without the permission of third parties using credit and debit cards. They do not attempt to take over the website or change its code. They do not engage in any criminal behavior towards Betsalvador affiliates and players.

Betsalvador does not intentionally provide false information or attempt to mislead; this includes false account details, counterfeit and false documents, false statements, and concealing a person's real location, and is not limited to these.

B.3 Betsalvador reserves the right to close accounts and confiscate existing funds if members do not comply with one or more of the rules stated in B.1 and B.2.

B.4 Members should be aware that they are solely responsible for any legal disadvantages arising from their use of Betsalvador company services.

B.5 Members must provide accurate information during registration. Members also agree to update their information in case of any changes.

B.6 Betsalvador accepts no responsibility for third-party access resulting from incorrect data provided by a member.


B.7 It is prohibited to open multiple accounts (multiple accounts/IP) on Betsalvador site. Only one account per household - computer (IP) is allowed. If it is proven that multiple accounts have been opened for the same household - computer (IP), pending bets will be canceled, and accounts will be closed.

B.8 If Betsalvador detects that users have opened multiple accounts (IP) using misleading information or shows criminal behavior or intends to cheat, Betsalvador has the right to confiscate all funds in the users' accounts as compensation (including the investment amount).

B.9 All account transactions are made in the currency chosen by the users during registration. No interest is paid on the amount in users' accounts.

B.10 Members should not consider Betsalvador as a financial institution. This includes using Betsalvador as a broker and using or not using funds maliciously, from any source, as a currency exchange office. If you use your account for these purposes, Betsalvador reserves the right to close your membership and withdraw any available funds from your account without penalty.

B.11 Betsalvador will not tolerate malicious, aggressive, or obscene behavior towards any Betsalvador representative among support platforms (live chat, email, phone, etc.). If such behavior is observed while communicating with Betsalvador, a warning will be given to the user. If aggressive, obscene, and malicious behavior continues after the warning, Betsalvador reserves the right to terminate the membership of the person concerned.

B.12 In cases of doubt about the legality of the source of your funds, Betsalvador reserves the right to suspend the account and investigate. Betsalvador may also decide to block accounts in cases where it is believed that the use of our services harms the company's interests and reputation.

B.13 The player accepts that all investments made on the website are from a legal source and are not the result of any criminal activity. In the event of any dispute, the player will be responsible for proving that his investments have a legitimate source. In cases where the player cannot prove this, Betsalvador has the right to suspend the player's account and withhold the funds in the account until the investigation is completed. If the result of the investigation is negative, the company will block the account and the funds will not be returned to the player.

B.14 The player agrees that his account will be used by him personally and not by a third party. If the player has given his personal account information to a third party, the company will not be held responsible for any unauthorized access to the player's account. In such cases, the company reserves the right to suspend the account and withhold the funds in the account until the investigation is completed. If the result of the investigation is negative, the company will block the account and the funds will not be returned to the player.

B.15 Usernames should not be trademarks, company names, or offensive to others.

B.16 Transferring or selling an account to another player is prohibited.

B.17 If no transactions have been made in a player's account with real money for twelve consecutive months, the account will be deemed inactive.

B.18 Betsalvador reserves the right to terminate the relationship between Betsalvador and its members at its discretion. This will ensure that the "Terms and Conditions" are not violated, and any funds in the membership will be refunded to the player.

B.19 Betsalvador prohibits collaboration between players.

B.20 Betsalvador takes measures to prohibit the use of robots and similar devices that disrupt the normal course of play.

B.21 The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is strictly prohibited when visiting the Betsalvador website or using its products unless approved by Betsalvador.

B.22 Players who participate by making a deposit while the Trial Bonus is active for invitation and trial purposes and abuse this bonus will have their balance adjusted, and the bonus will be cancelled, with participation being made with the main funds. Any amount deposited during the Trial Bonus requirement will not be considered, and Article B.23 will be applied.

C. Betting Rules

C.1 The company reserves the right to cancel bets in cases where there is sufficient evidence to prove that there has been an error on the part of the company. This includes bets with incorrect odds or incorrect event information.

C.2 In cases where bets are placed on events whose results have already been determined or which are highly likely to be predetermined, the company reserves the right to cancel such bets and return the stakes to the players. This includes situations where an event has been manipulated in any way, such as match-fixing or other illegal activities.

C.3 The company reserves the right to cancel bets placed by players who are suspected of using fraudulent methods to gain an advantage over other players. This includes but is not limited to, using multiple accounts, colluding with other players, or using automated betting software.

C.4 The company reserves the right to void any bets that are placed after the start of an event or after the outcome of an event has become clear. This includes bets that are placed on events that have already finished or where the outcome is no longer in doubt.

C.5 The company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the accounts of players who are found to be in violation of these rules. This includes but is not limited to, players who are found to be cheating, using fraudulent methods, or engaging in any other behavior that is deemed to be detrimental to the company or its players.

C.6 Members are required to wager their deposited principal amount at least once. If a member wishes to withdraw any unused portion of the deposited amount for betting, the withdrawal request will be rejected. In sports betting and Quick Games, participation must be made within a minimum odds of 1.30, equal to the amount deposited. Bets placed as double chance in sports and all other betting options are considered invalid, and the balance is adjusted as the principal amount. In sports betting, the entire principal amount is considered as over-under, double chance, or side bets, and unfair gains are adjusted. When betting on sports events with the principal amount, the balance must be divided into at least three bets.

D. Privacy Policy

D.1 Betsalvador respects the privacy of its users and is committed to protecting their personal information. This Privacy Policy describes how Betsalvador collects, uses, and protects the personal information of its users.

D.2 Betsalvador collects personal information from its users in order to provide them with the best possible experience on its website. This includes information such as name, email address, and telephone number.

D.3 Betsalvador uses the personal information collected from its users for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to, verifying identity, processing transactions, and providing customer support.

D.4 Betsalvador takes the security of its users' personal information very seriously and takes all necessary precautions to protect it from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.


D.5 Betsalvador may disclose personal information to third parties in certain circumstances, such as when required by law or to protect the rights or property of Betsalvador or its users.

D.6 Betsalvador may use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information about its users' activities on its website. This information may be used to personalize content and advertisements and to analyze traffic to the website.

D.7 By using Betsalvador's website, users consent to the collection and use of their personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

E. Miscellaneous

E.1 These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between Betsalvador and its users and supersede all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral.

E.2 Betsalvador may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice. Users are encouraged to review these Terms and Conditions periodically for any changes.


E.3 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.

E.4 These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Curaçao. Any disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Curaçao.