A. In order for a customer to bet on, they must open an account on the betting site. In order to create a betting account, it is necessary to be over 18 years of age and to provide the following information completely:

- Customer's identity information,

- The customer's valid e-mail address

B. The customer applying for registration undertakes and accepts that any information declared in the application form is true and true. A customer registered before cannot be re-registered. If a customer is found to have submitted inaccurate information when creating an account, will cancel that customer's registration. reserves the rights to the following applications at its sole discretion and for use at any time:

- Refusing to open a account and / or to close an existing account without any explanation,

- To reject the deposited money without any explanation,

- Suspend and / or cancel that user's participation in betting, promotions and other services if he or she has strong suspicions that a account is or may be used for illegal, fraudulent or dishonest practices.

- Requesting documents for verification of identity and / or other information declared by the user before processing deposits and / or withdrawals.

- In the event of direct or indirect violation of the regulations and / or other unauthorized activities in relation to a bet and / or a transaction on a account, seize the amounts in the account and / or deduct them as criminal damages.

C. Those under the age of 18 cannot register and cannot have a account. A customer who applies to become an account holder declares and undertakes that he is not under the age of eighteen (18). reserves the right to ask for proof of age and performs the necessary checks to verify the declared information. Accounts may be suspended pending convincing evidence of age.

D. A user declares and undertakes the following information:

- is not a professional player / athlete in any sport, competition or league where he bets,

- It is not legally restricted,

You don't act for a third party,

- You are not considered as an extreme gambler,

- Did not deposit and / or withdraw funds obtained from a crime and / or other unauthorized activities,

- Do not directly or indirectly involve the betting account in criminal activities,

The maximum earning limit from the main coin is 40 times

E. declares and undertakes that:

- To manage the amounts belonging to customers securely and properly,

- Managing data about a user in accordance with applicable laws, legal regulations and / or similar regulations,

- Not providing opportunities for users to transfer any funds between user accounts.

F. No interest is accrued on the betting account. The customer should not consider as a financial institution.


G. A user can have only one account. In cases where there is strong suspicion that a user account has been used by a third party for the purpose of confirming betting and / or re-registration (including a new name), reserves the right to void bets made from that account and cancel the account.


H. reserves the right to transfer all amounts unnecessarily found in different accounts to a single account and to delete the remaining unnecessary accounts. Bonuses awarded to said unnecessary accounts will not be re-allocated.


I. account is not transferable. Users are prohibited from buying or selling accounts from other people, taking over or transferring them.


J. is obliged to control the game operations executed by it upon any complaint made by a registered user.



In case of completion of the main currency conversion in any field; bets can continue to be placed in other areas. The main currency conversion requirement is not sought for the second time. The main currency conversion terms according to their divisions are as follows;


Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting; single match with odds of at least 1.30 or a match with odds of at least 1.30 in combination coupons; It is 1 times the principal and bonus amount. Bets and system coupons that are refunded and cashed for any reason are not included in the principal conversion. Chain, cross bets and row bets are prohibited.

The bet amount placed after the investment cannot be more than the principal amount deposited. If the main money + the full bonus is placed on the same bet; The non-recurring bonus amount given and the income obtained with the bonus are deleted from the user account. Winnings from sequential bets, winnings from repeated bets that cause an excess of the limit will be deleted.


E-sports Betting

E-sports betting online; a single bet with at least 1.30 odds, or in combination coupons with at least one bet with odds 1.30; is 1 times the principal amount.

In other sections, even if the main currency conversion has been completed, e-sports main currency conversion is required if E-sports and Cyber League bets are played.

Casino and Live Casino Games

Online Casino and Live Casino games; It is 1 times the principal and bonus amount and their weight percentages are different.

The weight ratio of slot games to the cycle is 100%,

The contribution weight ratio of Live Casino games to the cycle is 50%.

Table games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc.) belonging to all providers other than slot games in the casino section are considered as live casino game status while calculating the cycle.


Other Live Casino Games;

The main currency conversion in Baccarat, Dragon / Tiger, Football Studio or live casino games that are not mentioned above but only make two odds bets possible; It is 1 times.

HI-LO, Crash, Backgammon etc. Major currency conversion in Digitain games; It is 1 times.

Virtual Sports;

Cycle in the virtual sports section; a single bet with at least 1.30 odds, or in combination coupons with at least one bet of 1.30 odds; principal cycle is 1 times.

• The withdrawal method may be the method used by the member in the last investment transaction. Withdrawal requests requested through cross methods will result in negative results.

• Interruptions in withdrawals made with ATM are transferred to the player account. Any deductions less than 5₺ will not be covered by

• If the credentials provided when registering with belong to someone else or do not reflect the truth, the player account will be blocked indefinitely. If an incorrect entry has been made, the support line must be notified before making any financial transactions.

• In the event of any account or wagering movements to abuse the terms and earnings of the offer, the bonus and bonus earnings will be canceled and the competent decision-making authority will be management.

• Our members who want to take advantage of the campaigns will be deemed to have read and accepted the relevant rules and conditions.

•; reserves the right to change and update the rules of any campaign without any reason.

• Bonus and principal conversion conditions; Wagers against the same match (bottom-up, odd-even, 2-way home-away handicaps) and system bets (double-triple-yankee-trixie-super heinz and so on), chain bets and canceled matches are not included. If one or more users have received bonuses and bet mutually, the winnings made with the bonuses received are deducted from the balances.

- In the following cases, no income payment is made to the determined accounts.

  • Accounts sharing the same name
  • Accounts belonging to the same family / house
  • Accounts sharing the same IP
  • Accounts with the same personal information
  • Multiple accounts belonging to the same person